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Small fruit processing equipment can improve fruit flavor and economic benefits.


Processing process in which fruit and berry are used as raw materials and treated by physical, chemical or biological methods (inhibiting the activity of enzymes and spoilage bacteria or killing spoilage bacteria) to produce food for the purpose of preservation. Fruit processing by small fruit processing equipment can improve fruit flavor, improve food value and economic benefits, effectively prolong the fruit supply time.
The selection of raw materials for fruit processing is considered in terms of yield, supply period, storage period, proportion of edible parts, physical properties, chemical composition and sensory quality. The structure and chemical composition of fruits depend on the varieties and maturity of raw materials. The fruits'high yield, processing adaptability and harvest time are directly related to the varieties. The raw materials required for processing are generally good in quality, normal in flavor, edible in many parts, suitable in size and moderate in maturity. With the different processing methods and processing purposes, the requirements for raw materials are also different. For canned fruits, fresh fruits with good quality, suitable sugar-acid ratio, thick flesh, compact and meticulous texture and heat treatment resistance should be selected. The ripeness of canned fruits should be slightly lower than that of fresh fruits (about 8-9 ripeness). To make fruit juice and fruit wine, it is advisable to use juicy, sweet and sour ingredients with strong fragrance. For example, snow orange, Jin orange, Volinga orange, Concord grape and solute peach can be used to make fruit juice; red orange, Mandarin orange, sweet orange, grape, Hawthorn can be used to make fruit wine. The raw materials for jam production require high pectin and pectic acid content, bright color, such as apricot, hawthorn, citrus, apple and so on. The production of preserves and preserves requires the selection of fruits with low moisture content, high sugar content, flexible texture, small thick nucleus, less fiber, storage and transportation, heat-resistant boiled fruit, such as apple Guoguang, rutile, etc. Fruit used for freezing requires a high degree of adaptability to freezing preservation, has a very prominent flavor and color.
Small fruit processing equipment features:
1, we can produce cold and hot sauce according to customer requirements, and can produce different concentrations of products.
2. Using the Italy technology crushing and beating machine, the juice yield increased by 2-3% compared with the traditional beating machine.
3. Integrating Italian advanced technology, adopting multi-effect ultra-low temperature vacuum concentration and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the natural flavor, color and nutrition of the original fruit can be intercepted to the maximum extent according to the technological route.
4. Accurate temperature control of the sterilizer can accurately control the final product viscosity, color and other quality indicators, while ensuring complete sterilization.
5. According to different product positioning design suitable for customer needs of process lines, strive to advanced technology, simple equipment, stable operation, energy-saving and reliable. It is also possible to design a complex production line for multiple fruit processing to maximize the utilization of equipment according to customer requirements and local resources.

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